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Modesto Steel Company, Inc. carries approximately 3000 different metal items that differ in size, shape, and type. Supplying these products gives Modesto Steel an edge from other steel vendors. Every steel supplier has 3” steel channel, however at Modesto Steel we have 3” channel in four different weights, providing you with a wider range and selection to choose from. We are one of the few steel suppliers that carry stainless steel, aluminum and brass in addition to regular carbon steel.

Steel is essentially a commodity, and Modesto Steel adds value to differentiate itself from the average steel supplier by providing a delivery service, and the option to pre-cut, shear, form, and roll stock to customers’ specifications.


Our Product Line

Processing - Saw Cutting, Flame Cutting, High Definition Plasma Cutting
Stainless Steel - Sheet, Plate, Channel
Aluminum - Sheet, Plate, Channel
Brass - Flat, Round, Square, Hex
Galvanized - Sheet, Channel, Angle
Carbon Steel - CR Sheet, HR Sheet & Plate, T-1 Plate, AR Plate

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